Monday, September 1, 2008

our new house

we have been working hard getting our new house ready. we still have alot of work today, but we have gotten a lot done. we are all enjoying the location and the extra room!!
we have managed to loose all of my clothes other than my junk clothes and a few pieces that were in the dirty clothes.
we still have alot of stuff at pyburn to get, some yard sale items, some things we need to keep.

gluten free birthday!!

lacee made it home around 6pm. mark anthony and i made her a gluten free birthday cake. i was really nervous about it, but it tasted wonderful! very moist and super rich!! it was great! mekisha, sara, and hannah rose came over along with my mom and shared cake with us. the boys got lacee an accent rug for her bedroom. mark and i havent gotten her a gift yet, have no idea what to get her. still dont.


lacee is 10 today!!!
i am so in shock that i have been a mommy for 10 years. it seems like just yesterday she was born, a tiny little thing, bruises around her neck where the cord had wrapped around her and her heart had stopped. the jagged scar on my belly from the emergency c section that saved my baby girl's life is a constant reminder of how close i came to almost not having her. i cant imagine life without my daughter. she is my first born, my only daughter. i love her with all of my heart.
she is not with me today. this is the first time she has not woken up at home with me on her birthday. and i dont like it. not one bit. she is in mississippi with her daddy donnie. they are bowling in a parent/child bowling tourney. this is an annual tourney, on labor day each year. last year was their first time to bowl in it, and she won a $100 scholarship!! i hope she does well this time too!!
today will be my first attempt at making a gluten free bday cake. i want to have one here for her when she gets home this evening.