Monday, October 27, 2008

tommy is 1

it still doesnt seem possible. my youngest child is 1. craziness. tommy turned 1 on oct 2. we had his party the saturday before. he had a great time at his party.
at each of my childrens party for their first birthday, i have each guest make a square and then i have those squares quilted for the child. it turns out to be a favorite blanket and a wonderful keepsake. it seems like just yesterday we learned tommy was on the way, nevermind the crazy pregnancy i had with him and then finally holding him for the first time. his being 1 yr old is almost insane to me.

tupelo buffalo park

on sat sept 20, kasey and i decided to take our boys to tupelo buffelo park and zoo.
so 3 boys and 2 moms headed out. of course, it was the longest trip down there, with at least 3 or 4 pit stops, snack breaks, etc. we finally made it, and we had a great time. after that we ate lunch (olive garden i think) then a little shopping. we made it back home around 9pm. it was a nice day. a busy day, but fun. the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we did too.

birthday slumber party

so as is normal with girls, lacee wanted a sleepover for her 10th birthday. and being the super cool go with the flow make your childhood special awesome mom i am, i said sure. as it ended up we had way over 10 girls here after school. 2 eight graders came, as well as another friend of the family (megan) to help make shirts. we made tank top shirts, had the hallway of pizza, and then headed out to the home football game. the girls looked so cute in their matching shirts. and it sure made it easy for me to keep an eye on them! after the game, it was across the road to 5th qtr. dodgeball. we watched. we may have attempted to play. but we lived thru it. dodgeball at sav coc 5th qtr is no joke. its some serious, be sure you have health and life insurance on your kids dodgeball. and the kids love it. anyway, after that, we came on back home. it was a little after midnight. and while i like to pretend i am young and full of spunk, i know better. so i got the girls to change into pj's, gave them the rules, and headed to bed. i was done. most stayed up till 4am. some said they made it till 6am. ha. i woke them up at about 9am for bfast, bday cake, and presents cuz we ran out of time for all that the night before. then moms started coming and girls started leaving. i must admit that even though it was a busy slumber party, it was the easiest one i have done. i am sure part of it is the age...10yr olds dont want as much mommy involvement as 5yr olds. i am sure too that part of it was the taking advantage of the local happenings rather than cooping them up at home the whole time. i was especially thankful for the new house that night too. our bedroom being farther from the living room certainly helped me sleep and avoiding any aftermidnight wakings of the boys.
the event wasnt without drama, however. the next couple weeks after the party led to more and more details coming forward about the little things that happened that i was very disturbed over. seems that little girls can be mean, even to the birthday girl in her own home. lacee ended up hiding in her closet. one of her bff's took her phone from her and texted to and broke up with her boyfriend pretending to be lacee. (lacee and sam worked this all out by monday). lacee and i have had several talks (more intense talks) about standing up for yourself, not being a doormat, how you should treat people and how you deserve to be treated, and removing yourself from a situation when needed. its been a hard lesson. lots of tears were shed those couple of weeks. i am proud of myself for taming the mama bear in me, and letting lacee handle things on her own. every child needs that self confidence and ability. yet it is hard for mamas to stay back and let them.

long time, no blog

wow. i really cannot believe it has been almost 2 months since i have blogged. i am glad to say that it is not because anything has been wrong. its because life has just been so very busy. a good busy. a we are blessed with activities and functions and too much to do kind of busy. thats the kind of busy i like. but, i do need to do better about blogging. not because i think the cyber world is on the edge of their seats waiting on my next keystroke, (although the ones that have asked me about it have made me happy), but because this is my super easy convienient online scrapbook so to speak. my online diary. my historical record of where we have been. i hope that it is here forever, for my children to come back to as they get older. to remember things and see things and maybe know why i did some of the crazy things i do. haha.
so, here i am. and i will try to catch up.