Monday, April 28, 2008

new job

last week i stopped subbing for the school system and am finishing out the rest of the school year at our church's preschool.
i am really enjoying it.
early childhood education is a true passion of mine.
the hugs, smiles, bouqets of handpicked weedy paycheck is worth more than that.
leaving my boys all day is hard, i miss them terribly.
but we have to do things for our family, and right now, becoming gainfully employed is a must.
it is such a blessing though to be able to go to a job you enjoy. i love subbing with the school system, and i am loving this position as well!


we finally got the results from the second bloodwork.
the total IGA that is supposed to be at least 70, was 56 last time, has dropped to 46. so she is getting worse.
another set of letters, that is supposed to be at least 20, hers was 0.2 !
celiac is the diagnosis.
i am still playing phone tag with the doctors office to find out when i can swap her over to the diet.
right now, i am having to feed her regular foods, knowing that they are hurting her, because if we swap her over before doing an endoscopy it will scew the test results.
this is so hard!
we have an answer, but i cant do anything about it.
below are some websites listed on the disease.
i will be organizing and founding a local support group soon too.
oh, and just so ya know, a 6 slice loaf of gluten free bread is around $7 !

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lab Results

The nurse called today, Lacee's IGA level is 56.
Normal is 68 to 300something.
They want to redo bloodwork to confirm a diagnosis of celiac.
I have not told Lacee this, only that we have to redo bloodwork.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

blue ribbons

this is very touching
i think it speaks for itself.

dear oprah

(( i didnt write this, but i agree with it))

A letter to Oprah posted this morning to her personal address.

Dear Oprah,
I realize that you won't be the first to read this, but I do hope it makes its way to your eyes and heart.
I hoped to tell you that your show has helped my daughter in many ways. I am very sorry to have to block the show in my home due to some disturbing information you are disseminating on who you think Jesus Christ is/was.
Like you I am a seeker. I took charge of my life, got an education, and I strive to constantly improve myself just as you teach your viewers. I made no effort to re-define God based on my new life. The freedom and privilege that come from success and money do not, in my mind, change who God is, was or the history of what really took place in His revealing of Himself to us.
The Course in Miracles you are promoting is a sadly convincing trap that will snare many simple minded and desperately searching people when you could so easily point them to a true solution to their suffering. The "slain Christ" does have meaning and has for thousands of years before you became "enlightened". That old rugged cross got me and thousands of others through crisis after crisis- again before your billion dollar media empire existed. Fortunately, someone influential in my life pointed me to the truth rather than some self-styled idea about who they decided to re-invent.
I implore you to re-think your actions and listen deeply to your heart and not to advisors that become abundant when you are notable. Your influence on this planet is great. Imagine if you take your "followers" down the wrong road due to inaccurate information. Teaching comes with a tremendous responsibility. Success doesn't make you right, or an expert on everything.
I doubt seriously you were taught these things as a young girl. I suppose rather they have come to you from advisors and interesting people that have influenced you along the way. In integrating these beliefs, you have abandoned your roots and attempted to re-define the One who created you . To this outside observer, you appear to be trying to take on God's role. That's been tried before and the world waits as that story plays itself out. Let him teach; you share His message. The consequences of your actions have dire ramifications for a lot of searching people.
Ms Winfrey, if you have indeed seen this for yourself, I want you to know that I will pray that the God you seem to have abandoned will find someone influential to you to show you that you are hurting rather than helping these souls and help you understand WHY God has allowed you so much. History will tell. Many have been deceived... and deceived others.
Your friend,
Steve Harbin

Every Christian should read and be aware of this.
In 2Tim. 4:3-4 Paul warned "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires; and will turn awaytheir ears from the truth, and will turn aside to myths." This warning has never been more true than it is today.
We really need to be aware of this. It is one more dangerous sign of the times we are living in.This made for interesting reading and how we are so easily deceived. Go to the different web sites listed and it makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck. All the untruths that are being taught to gullible people. We best be on our toes with our Bibles in our hands to see what is truth and untruth and help people see the real "light." May God help us!
So sad to say, I used to think Oprah knew it all.
Many of you, like me, have probably been Oprah fans for a long time. This is very discouraging news to hear about one who has such tremendous influence on the general public. Please ask God to show Oprah the real Jesus Christ.Just to make sure this was true, I went on Oprah's website and there it is. The below article is very interesting, so I thought I would share. MANY OF YOU MAY HAVE ALREADY READ THE BELOW....IT IS THE SUBJECT ABOUT WHICH THE ABOVE LETTER WAS ADDRESSED..........(EXTREMELY WELL, I MIGHT ADD)
"Oprah and Friends" to teach course on New Age ChristJesus Christ being reinvented, redefined, and blasphemed and , this false New-Age Christ teaching is about to make huge inroads into the world, with the helpof the queen of television talk shows, Oprah Winfrey.
Oprah Winfrey, beginning January 1, 2008, on her daily radio program will offera year-long course on the New Age Christ, in a lesson a day and completelycover the 365 lessons from the Course in Miracles "Workbook."
Listeners will be encouraged to buy A Course in Miracles for the year-longcourse, and an audio version, recited by Richard (John Boy Walton) Thomas willbe available on compact disc.
Those who finish the Course will have a wholly redefined spiritual mindset-aNew Age worldview that include the beliefs that there is no sin, no evil, nodevil. A Course in Miracles teaches its students to rethink everything theybelieve about God and life, and, bluntly states: "This is a course in mindtraining" and is dedicated to "thought reversal.
"The Course in Miracles - in reality is the truth of the Bible turned upsidedown.
Oprah told her television audience that Williamson's book, A Course in Miracleswas one of her favorite books, and that she had already bought a thousandcopies and would be handing them out to everyone in her studio audience.Oprah's endorsement skyrocketed Williamson's book to the top of the New YorkTimes bestseller list .
A Course in Miracles is allegedly a "new revelation" from"Jesus " to help humanity work through these troubled times. This"Jesus", who bears no doctrinal resemblance to the Bible's JesusChrist, began delivering channeled teachings in 1965 to a Columbia UniversityProfessor of Medical Psychology, Helen Schucman.
One day Schucman heard an "inner voice" stating, "This is acourse in miracles. Please take notes." For seven years she diligentlytook spiritual dictation from this voice that described himself as"Jesus."
Here are some quotes from the
"Jesus" voice of A Course in Miracles :
"There is no sin . . . "
A "slain Christ has no meaning."
"The journey to the cross should be the last 'useless' journey."
"Do not make the pathetic error of clinging to the old rugged cross."
"The Name of Jesus Christ as such is but a symbol... It is a symbol thatis safely used as a replacement for the many names of all the gods to which youpray."
"The recognition of God is the recognition of yourself."
"The Atonement is the final lesson he [man] need learn, for it teaches himthat, never having sinned, he has no need of salvation."
2 Timothy 3 (King James Version)King James Version (KJV)2 Timothy 3
1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud,blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
3 Without natural affection, truce breakers, false accusers, incontinent,fierce, despisers of those that are good,
4 Traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;
5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turnaway.Christians.....Take heed!!And PLEASE pass this one on.....if you never forward anything else!

Monday, April 14, 2008


mark anthony has been aware of the potty, its purpose, and what goes in it since before his second birthday.
that was last summer.
9 months later, we still arent potty trained.
shortly after his second birthday, i was put on bedrest for the remainder of my pregnancy with tommy. i wasnt able to work with mark anthony very much on the potty. mark works alot, so between his work schedule and my doctors visits, consistency was something we didnt have.
we have been back and forth with success and a lack thereof for several months now on our potty progress.
mark anthony loves to wear his "underwears".
he likes the way they look, they feel, the cool characters displayed on them.
today was a big day for him.
it was not the first day in "underwears", it wasnt his first time out of the house in "underwears", it wasnt even his first day at school in "underwears". it was however, the first day he used the potty anywhere other than home! he used the potty at school a few times today, and had no accidents!!
he arrived at school at 730am, and was there until 430pm. thats a long time! then you add in a trip to walmart. he really impressed me with his progress.
mark was on the phone with me while in walmart, pushing or pulling 2 buggies (one with the boys in it, one with the purchases in it). "get him a prize, get him a potty prize!" i was preaching. "make sure he knows why he is getting it! brag on him. make a huge deal out of it."
mark anthony chose a yellow car with a magnetic wagon behind it. dora the explorer is seated in the car. a pretty cool potty prize.
lacee and i stop at toys r us on our way out of nashville, as lacee had some money burning a hole in her wallet. she got a really cool kit that includes a plate, a cup, and a bowl, as well as paints and brushes. she will get to paint the bowl, cup, and plate and then we bake them to set the paint. a great deal at $9.99.
i found a cute little einstiens board book for tommy.
i found annie and clarabel for mark anthony, magnetic, to attach to thomas and attend church in his backpack. (thomas the train, of course). i was so proud of his potty progress today, that he was getting a second prize!
i also grabbed a book of reward stickers, thought it was a good time to bring back the potty chart and give it a go again.
i talk to mark again once we are on the road.
they got home. mark asked mark anthony, "do you need to go potty?"
"no daddy."
and within an instant, mark anthony squats in his bedroom floor, opening floodgates to make the pickwick dam green with envy.
one of the many reasons my dream house does not have carpet. sadly, we do not live in my dream house, it lives in me, in my mind. our current home does have carpet. carpet with spots. spots from nail polish, eye shadow, magic marker, and peepee.
i suppose i could make the next mastcard commercial.
a pack of underwear with thomas the train: $4.99
a pack of pull ups with cooling sensation: $19.99
rug shampooer rental: $19.99
ripping up your pee soaked carpet as your child aces the potty training: PRICELESS.
i know he will get there when he is ready, not when i want him to. its this teasing me thats getting the best of me.
poor annie and clarabel, they are still trapped in the toys r us bag, hid from view, waiting for the chance to come out and haul some frieght.

sharp wet kisses

tommys teeth (all 2 of them) must be part razor!
this is my child that is the most intense of lovers! all of my children loved to be held, cuddled, loved on. but tommy will actually put his arms around your neck or head, pull you to him, open his mouth and kiss on your cheek or chin.
it is absolutely the best feeling ever, the sweetest thing you can imagine! (sometimes a bit wet, but all the more sweet)
having an infant purposely pull you to them to show you their affections.....there just arent words to describe the emotions!
sadly though, these loving gestures are becoming more and more painful each day!
in the past couple weeks, tommy has sprouted 2 bottom teeth. more like razors. i honestly do not remember my other 2 having such sharp teeth! (of course, my chin didnt spend alot of time against their teeth, either)
his new favorite snack is graham crackers.
he thinks mommy is being sweet by giving him this tasty treat, but i have hopes that they might soften the razors edges!

bloodwork and flat tires

it started off as a rough morning.
puntuality is not something that comes easily for me. but today, we were all ready and out the door on schedule.
until mark noticed my front driver side tire was flat.
he put air in it, but it did not want to hold the air very well.
after a trip to the tire shop, 4 new tires, $300, and an hour late, we were on our way!
i took lacee back to vanderbilt childrens to see her pediatric gastrointerologist, dr moulton. lacee has been a patient of his for many many years now, and he has also seen mark anthony. we really like him!
he pulled up lacee's xrays, showed them to me again. there was in fact "back-up" in there, but not a terrible amount. what he was more concerned with was the amount of gas in her tummy. so, no gassy foods and she can only have gum in moderation. not sugar free gum, b/c it may be better for your teeth, if you have a sensitive tummy, sugar free gums and drinks are harder on it! he said her colon was large, but the muscles in there looked very good and healthy.
he put her on prevacid for a week or two, to see if it helps her at all.
they also collected urine, and then sent us to the lab for bloodwork.
they are testing her for celiac disease.
i am familiar with this condition, as i cared for a child with this. it is treated with a very strict diet and some lifestyle changes. if this is her diagnosis, it will require alot of work on our parts, but it is something that can be managed.
the next step is a "scope", running the light down to see how her belly looks. she had a scope done several years ago, which showed her ulcers and erosion in her esophogus. he will also look to see how those are.
i am to call him friday to let him know how she is doing.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Comprehensive Assessment Testing

Who made the decision and how long ago was it made? The decision that a teachers accountabilty and a students success would all be summed up with the results of one super long test? Yes, I am talking about T-CAP testing. (or F-CAP or M-CAP or C-CAP, etc, depending on what state you live in).
I totally agree that teachers need a way of being held accountable for teaching the appropriate curriculum to our children. And I agree that students should be given tests to see how far they have come, what their strengths and weaknesses are. What I do not agree with is that one test should determine the success or failure of an entire school year.
This is my childs 3rd year to have to take this test. During the weeks leading up to the dreaded T-CAP test week, the principals, teachers, and staff are on edge. My daughter comes home stressed out. Do I like it? No, not at all. However, I totally understand why. Most children want to succeed, they want to do well on their work, they want to please themselves, their parents and their teachers. And this test is a huge part of that. If a school or classroom doesnt test to the level they should, the school can be closed down, and the teacher can loose his/her license to teach. Imagine if the career you chose, that you attended college for a minimum of 4 years to achieve, that pays your bills and supports your family, could be taken away from you based on one test! I would be willing to bet that you would be super stressed.
Would it not be better to have state inspectors randomly drop in on classrooms several times throughout the school year and observe the teaching methods of the teacher, the atmosphere in his/her classroom, the compassion with which he/she teaches, his/her ability to relate to the students? I for one think so!
Take restaurants, for one example. They know the health inspector will come. Yet they do not know when. So they should make every effort to run their business each day to the perfection expected by the health department.
Why can this same idea not be implemented in our education system? Yes, it may cost money for such inspectors. Is it not worth it?
Teachers have an extremely important job. It has been my experience as a student, as a mom, as a substitute teacher, and as a teachers assistant, that our school system has an excellent collection of caring faculty and staff. Are they all perfect? Probably not. Neither are you. No one is.
We are all judged in our respective jobs. Not based on one event, but on our overall job performance. Yearly evaluations that look back over the entire year, not one week. They look back over all aspects of your job. Your attendance, your ability to work with others, your attitude, your punctuality, your overall effort.
I say we should all write to our senators, our congressmen and congresswomen, our representatives, the department of education. Let them know that one test can not and should not be the judge and jury of our childrens and educators successes.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

missing him

i wrote this 11-11-06 and posted it on my myspace blog.

today it seems appropriate to share it here.

I miss my daddy! He died April 10, 1997. I was 19 years old. I am the only child, I have no one who understood how I felt then or how I feel now. I was a daddy's girl for the first 10 years or so of my life. Then teenage years set in and I rebelled and wasnt as close with him. When I was 18 I moved out. Then, Daddy and I got really close again. He was always such a tightwad when I was growing up. We never went out to eat, never spent a penny we didnt absolutely HAD to spend. But once I grew up and moved out, at least once a week daddy would take me out to eat for lunch while I was working. He always went to Cherry's Truckstop in the mornings to talk to the old men and have his coffee. But on days I was off he would come to my apartment for coffee. We finally had our close relationship again.! It was great.
So one Thursday I was teaching Colorguard. My girls were competing the next week in State, so I was working them extra hard. All of a sudden my boss and another coworker pull up and the principal of the school come outside. My boss told me to get in the car with her and to give my keys to my coworker. No I said. We were busy and it was my day off from work. They insisted and I knew something was wrong. My mom had stopped by to see how the team looked earlier so I thought she had had a wreck on her way home. But when I got in the car my boss said it was my daddy. He was working in Alabama so then I thought he had a wreck. My boss said she was taking me to my mom at her house. I expected to get in the car with mom and go to see my daddy. But when we got there, there were police cars and an ambulance and tons of other cars. Everyone was standing outside crying. My daddy was gone. He was still inside the house though. I wanted to go inside and see him. I pushed people out of the way, trying to get in. But they wouldnt let me.
My daddy had shot himself.
Why would he do that? Why did he never want to see me again? How could he leave me here to deal with this? Why did he leave my mom? She cant help me and I cant help her b/c we feel different and hurt different and deal different.
Yes, it has been almost 10 years. I am married to a wonderful and have 2 wonderful kids. I own my own business. I have done alot. I have alot to be proud of. But he will never see any of it. I would never give up my family I have now to bring him back, but I want him to be here now. Why cant there be like a 10 year do-over? Why cant he change his mind and come back?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


apparantly mark anthony has heard "Jack and the Beanstalk" at preschool, as he has been chanting "fee-lie-ohh-bum" the past several days.
its so cute!
i will repeat fee-fie-fo-fum.
but fee-lie-ohh-bum sounds so much cuter!
tonight at ball practice, while tommy is grinning and flirting and showing off his new tooth and the place where the second one is about to come in, mark anthony is either playing ball with an adorable 4 yr old girl whose sister is on lacee's team, or he is trying to climb the fence to get in the "dame" with lacee.
"lacee in da ball dame. lacee play dame with me. lacee gonna det a 'pankin."
(he thought lacee needed a spankin since she wasnt listening to his commands for her to come out of the field and play with him)
tommy has just about mastered sitting up alone, he can stay up for several minutes before he gets so excited and proud of himself that the kicking makes him topple over.
mark anthony is wearing underwear all day except when he is asleep.
he is still having several accidents, but i am in the mood to just keep him in the undies all day and let him learn. (lets hope it works). he is such a smart child, he knows so much. i still dont understand why the potty has been such a hard time for us.

24 - 48 - 72

i could have sworn the pediatrician said that the culture of lacee's ua would be back the very next day, meaning tuesday, since we were at the doc monday morning.
she said she would call.
patience is not my strong point.
tuesday afternoon at like 2pm, i called to see if they had the results in.
the nurse that answered the line said that they took 72 hours to complete.
i said, "oh me, i must have miss understood, i thought doc said she would know today"
the nurse said that they (they i guess means the lab at the hospital) send a report at 24, 48, and 72 hours, but that it isnt complete until 72 hours.
gosh, waiting isnt what worried mommas like to do.
but the good thing, lacee is feeling noticably better. we are getting some movement each day with the miralax. not an abundance of movement, but some. and some is better than none.
and she says she feels better.
she was even able to go to school today, and make it through her whole 2 hr softball practice.
i am very thankful for that!

Monday, April 7, 2008

can we play outside today?

took lacee and tommy to the doctor this morning.
our reg pediatrician is back in town.
tommy has an ear infection, so he is on antibiotics for that. he is fussy and not sleeping well, so i am also giving him ibuprofin and teething tablets.
lacee still had not had a movement since the small one after the 3rd enima. three doses of miralax and nothing. doc felt of her belly and said she didnt feel alot in there. lacee is really sore, still sleeping alot and very tender. the pain is around her belly button and the left side is more tender than the right. doc thought we would be ok to wait until next monday for her appt with the ped gastro at vandy. lacee's bloodpressure was high, but i failed to ask what it was. this is the first time they have ever said it was high. they ran a urinalisis on her, and it came back showing traces of nitrates in there. i asked doc why she was sleepy all the time, and thats when she referred to the nitrates. she said that they have always been negative, and this time there was some in there, so they are gonna culture it and see if it grows anything. i asked her what they were looking for and she said bacteria. i am thinking, "bacteria for what?" but i didnt ask. i figure she knows me well enough to know that anything she mentions i am gonna research. (like i am not gonna google "nitrates in pediatric urine" after blogging?) she said the results will be ready tomorrow.
when we left the doc office, i called the office for our ped gastro at vandy and left a message for a nurse. i wanted them to know about the results, or lack thereof, of the medicines on lacee and see if they feel it is ok to wait until next monday.
so the weather out here is beautiful today. we havent had very many of those in a long time. i really want to take my kids to the park this afternoon. our backyard is all red clay mud, certainly not suitable for a toddler unless it is hot enough to hose him down with a water hose before coming inside. but with tommy's ear infection, i wonder if i should. i dont believe in keeping kids in a bubble and not letting them play for fear of getting sick or hurt. i mean, you cant keep them from climbing a tree or playing ball for fear of falling or getting hit with a ball. but at the same time i dont want to make him worse when it is something i can prevent. i have been told that my having to get the boys out alot in the weather to take lacee to and from school, and go here and there, is what causes them to be sick so often. i dont know. my friend wendi says being a mommy is all guilt and worry, guilt and worry. i agree with that. guilty, worry, happiness and love. i guess i can pull up and let lacee and mark anthony run and play while tommy and i sit in the van. its not like tommy is old enough to realize what he is missing yet. or i could find a hat and cover his little head well. i dont know. i am just thinking "outloud".

Saturday, April 5, 2008

a few answers, maybe

when i last posted, lacee and i were waiting in the van.
my laptop battery that is supposed to last 6 hours made a whole 1.5 hrs.
2 hours after leaving my second message for a nurse at the ped gi office, we still had not received a phone call. lacee and i enjoyed a wonderful lunch at a little french coffee shop on 21st.
then we headed to the ped gi's office. by this time, my cell battery was also dead, and i had forwarded all my calls to lacee's cell.
"do you have an appt?" asked the receptionist.
"no ma'am" i replied.
"would you like to schedule one?"
"no, i would like to see the doc now."
i politely explained our situation to her, and she went and got a nurse. the nurse came out to the waiting room and i told her the details of our last 3 weeks with lacee's tummy. she is very kind and concerned with the situation. she went back to her station, and came back to us after a little while. there was only one doc working that afternoon, and he was in procedure. there was a physicians assistant seeing patients, but they cant see patients they have never seen before with out a doc there.
i asked her if she thought i should take lacee back to the e.r. i mean, the discharge instructions said in black and white to bring her back if she is having abdominal pain, or if she is not completely 100% better. well hello?! and since in the medical world, being politically correct and not going against the system carry more weight than giving honest advice to a patient, the nurse could not come right out and say, "yes, take her back", she had to hum-haw around, give a little grin here and a nod there, to indicate what she thought i should do.
so back to the e.r. we go. i tell them she is no better, we cant get into the doc, and we are back to get some help and some answers.
lacee's cell battery died too, so all calls were then forwarded to mark, causing lots of confusion.
they were very kind, as has always been our experience there. i do think they were frustrated at me bringing her back 6 hours after being discharged. but, i am to the point i dont really care. i have to stand up for my kids. all parents do. no one else will.
it took a lot of waiting and waiting and waiting (i honestly began to think at one point when no one came in our room for over an hour and a half that they were just stalling me, hoping that i wouldnt wait and just walk out). but finally, they got a ped gastro in there to see us.
he said she was severely constipated. (all along at sav and by the reg peds we had been told slightly-this is why you need a specialist in whatever situation you are dealing with-they know so much more). if we cannot get this fixed at home she will be admitted. we have an appt scheduled on apr 14 with our ped gastro we have seen before to schedule more tests, including a scope. he said he was not sure if this constipation is what has caused the start of this ordeal, it will be 4 weeks monday, or just the newest problem. clearing it up though is of course nessecary but will also make it easier to see what else may be going on in there.
we left the e.r. about 9pm.
made it home at about 1:30 am, after stopping for supper (poor lacee had not eaten from 11am until 9:45pm), and picking the boys up from chrissys.
the first round of meds worked well for her. the second round has not had an effect.
she says her pain is a little better though.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


you gotta love big cities.
lacee and i are sitting in the van, on the side of the road, in the rain.
i am 2 blocks away from vanderbilt childrens hospital.
i am surrounded by bookstores and coffee shops, so surely i am hooked up to one of their wireless internet systems.
cool, huh?
anyways, we are in nashville, because after 3 1/2 weeks of pain and investigation that produces no results, this momma has had ENOUGH! so i loaded up all 3 of my kids last night at 10pm.
i took the boys to george ann's for the night, and lacee and i headed out.
mark is working night shift this week.
after posting about her pain earlier, then holding lacee as she cries about the pain, i called her pediatrician, who is out of town, in florida for 2 weeks on a med conference. thank goodness for cell phones. she is concerned about lacee as well, and is like me, yes the constipation is an issue that needs resolved, but that is not the main issue. just the newest and easiest to diagnose. this child has been in pain and nothing we have tried works for her.
we arrive at the ER at vandy kids at 1:30am.
we are discharged at 7:04am.
we know no more than we did when we got there. except that her UTI is almost gone.
they did call and talk to the ped gastro on call, who wants to schedule an upper GI and endoscope.
so we left the hospital, had a lovely bfast at the pancake pantry (a long time fave of lacee's) and we are now sitting on the side of the road in the van.
because i called the ped gastro after bfast and am now waiting on a call from them to get her in TODAY for this procedure. this has gone on long enough and we have no answers.
she has, btw, had 2 really good "movements" this morning, and still says she feels no better at all than she did before.
this momma has had enough.
when your child looks at you and says, "mom, i dont wanna leave the hospital, i am still hurting and we dont know why".... that is a clue that something needs to be done.
a prayer for my beautiful child would be most greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

half birthday!!

i cannot believe it!
tommy is 6 months old today!
it seems like just yesterday he was being born!
he is growing so fast!!
he has a tiny tooth that just broke the skin, he is rolling everywhere, almost crawling, and can almost sit alone!
the Lord has surely blessed me with a great husband and great kids!

we live at the hospital

i tell ya, between getting xrays on the boys to check for pnuemonia 2 weeks ago, and having cat scans and xrays on lacee the past 3 weeks, i believe we should be allowed free room and board and meals and snacks at our local hospital for at least a week!
3 weeks ago, lacee began complaining of serious tummy pain. she missed an entire week of school, between the pediatricians office and the hospital. physical tests and symptoms pointed to appendicitis. bloodwork, urinalisis, and cat scan pointed to nothing. 2 days later she says she is worse than she was before. back to the doc, and back to the hospital for repeat bloodwork and ua. still, they showed nothing. lacee was prescribed an anti spazmatic medicine for her tummy.
now, 3 weeks later, she is hurting worse in her belly than before. our pediatrician is out of town and her office is booked solid till the end of the week, so monday evening i take her to the E.R. bloodwork and ua this time show kidney infection and extreme urinary tract infection. lab said so much blood in her urine it would not even register! so she was given meds for that and sent home. after 2 rounds of meds for uti and pain, and 24 hours later, lacee is still hurting, even worse than before.
back to the e.r. we go. they tell us that the bloodwork the night before also showed that she was really dehydrated. they order an xray (they didnt want to give another catscan due to all the radiation). they give her a bag and a half of fluids through the iv, and redo bloodwork and ua. says the uti is a little better, blood still looks good, and the xray showed she was "backed up". (fos as her daddys said). mark and i got to see the xray---wow!!
i asked if this is what has been causing the pain for the whole 3 weeks. the doc says it is possible, but he was not sure and didnt want to say so.
we are sent home with more meds for the uti/kidneys, and 2 "bullets" for the bm. each bullet produced a small bm. 24 hrs later, she has been drinking apple juice, water, and pedialyte. eating grapes and just finished a dose of miralax. she has not gone any more than the 2 small times.
she says she is still hurting.
throughout this ordeal, she has been alot ALOT more sleepy than usual, and has lost 5 lbs. she didnt have it to loose anyway.
we still dont know what exactly is wrong with lacee. she missed school today, wednesday. as a parent, not knowing what is wrong, how to fix it, and/or what to do about it, is the most helpless and horrid feeling.
i am so thankful for great friends. one of my "sisters" (i am an only child, but i have 2 ladies i grew up with, we say we are sisters), debbie silliman, cared for my boys mon night. my bff since we were 16yrs old, chrissy davis, took my boys and cared for them tue night. while on my way to the er the second time, i sent a text message to a couple people letting them know where we were headed and asked them to research the symptoms. next thing i know, my dear friends jennifer copeland and george ann haynes, along with her daughter kara and friend haley, are out at the er with us. lacee and kara have been bffs since kindergarten, and she and haley are growing closer as we have began going to church again and haleys family moved here a few years ago. then our dear pastor david baker shows up and says a touching prayer with us that lacee will be diagnosed and back to normal very soon! what a blessing friends are!!