Saturday, August 30, 2008

we are moved

we are moved!
it has been a long rough week and we still arent finished by far but we are in our new house!
we have been here since wed night. we still have some painting to do, lots of cleaning, tons of unpacking, and more to get from pyburn. but we are in!!
pictures will be coming soon, i just havent managed to take them yet.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

what a lovely day

we spent last night on the floor at marks moms house. i took off work today. my kids are all at school/daycare/preschool. marks mom was transferred to linden last night, so he is currently there, signing her in, etc.
we realized last night that the longer our clothes and furniture sat in the trailer we are moving out of, the more and more they are going to smell like sewage. my mom took off work. she and i are at the trailer. we have put clothes in garbage bags. i rented a u-haul this morning. $100 we dont have to spend but at this point have no choice. i had hoped my mom and i could load up tables and chairs and small pieces of furniture while waiting on mark to return from linden. nice plan, huh?
i sit here, blogging b/c i am so mad i could break windows and doors and plates and glasses, etc just to release my anger. i have already screamed. i have cried. i have said words i shouldnt. i have hit boxes. i still do not feel better.
the uhaul is stuck. STUCK!! in the mud. no where near the doors of the trailer. too far to tote anything. too stuck for my mom or i to get unstuck. i did it. i got it stuck. i will admit that. i just wanted to back it up to the front door so we could load some stuff. so i could be useful and helpful. instead i make a bigger mess. another headache. more drama. more stress. i hate being a burden. i am a burden. i cant get anyone to help us, so i try to do it myself. and where does that get me? here. stuck in the mud. and not fun mud. poop smelling mud. i am the definition of eyore. the rain cloud over my head. it follows me everywhere. my kids deserve better. my husband deserves better. i think i deserve better too. yes, i have made mistakes in my life. some small, some not. but i am a good person. i am a christian. i am a good friend. i try to help people in any way i can. i care for people. i dont understand why things like this keep happening to me. i know satan is testing me. i know God wont give me more than i can handle. i think he has way more confidence in me than i do.

Monday, August 25, 2008

i am afraid to ask

i am afraid to ask what else.....
marks mom was supposed to go back to linden saturday morning. but here it is monday and she is still in jackson. her lab work is off, potassium and other things, so linden will not take her until jackson gets her straightened out.
we had planned on finishing up painting and cleaning the new house and moving in by friday.
so last night after church i go help mark paint some more. the kids and i go home, and i start a load of clothes. mark comes home a few minutes later and says, "who overflowed the potty in the kids bathroom?" i have no idea what he is talking about.
i should have never walked back there.
it has rained the past several days, lots and lots of rain.
our septic system was put in brand new 2 yrs ago when we moved to pyburn. this is the second time it has rained for days and days and days and days.
in the kids bath we have a lake that reaches into the carpet in the hall. this lake is not clean. the bathtub is full of a brown ocean as well.
go check our bathroom, mark asks.
i dont even have to open the door, as my feet feel the wet carpet outside our bathroom as well. the lakes in our bathroom arent as deep, and they are clear. but they are there, none the less.
forget it we decide.
we are not paying to have it fixed for 4 days. no way.
it was after 11pm. the kids were in bed asleep. so we slept as best we could till 5am, got up, gathered clothes and headed to my moms for showers.
mark has had to take off work today and tomorrow. rushing to try to finish up the painting. i am at work, subbing at the middle school all week. since i am a horrid painter, he feels i am more useful here than at the house.
rather than rent a hotel for the next few days, we plan on camping out on his moms living room couches and floor (she has no beds set up in her house, she preferred sleeping on the couch). we will be rushing around like headless chickens to get moved.
we are very grateful to the 2 families that have watched our children for us while we have been working to get the new house set up. we are very grateful to the 4 ppl that volunteered a few hours at the house.
we have hired a painter to help us finish, as there is no way we can do it alone on a time schedule.
as soon as they decide to send evelyn back to linden, mark will have to go back up there to take her clothes and sign her into the hospital. this will cut at least 3 hours into our rushed schedule.
i am frustrated by the people that have laughed (literally laughed) when i asked them to help us paint.
but, we will get there. we will be moved soon. life will go on. my family will be better off. and i am grateful we have each other.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

wallpaper glue

i have decided that the inventor of wallpaper glue should be glued to the wall upside down with the junk!!
we are renting a home, and are in the process of removing wallpaper and painting the whole house. the wallpaper that was up was horrid, and the whole house was covered in it. yuck! i forgot to take before pictures, but its probably best as it could have broken my camera! i will show after pics once we are finished.
the kids rooms are done unless there are touchups to be done. the ceilings are all done with the exception of living room and kitchen.
in lacee's room there are 3 green walls and 1 purple wall. i goofed and got semi gloss for the purple, so she has 1 shiney wall! oops!
the kids havent been in the house since painting begun, and i plan to not take them back until it is all done and set up. i want to surprise them with their new rooms!
the excitement is building and the clock is ticking as we scheduled to have the utilites turned off at our current home on the 30th. (thats just 7 days away!)

back to linden

wednesday morning we finally spoke to the gi doctor. evelyn didn not have free air in her abdomen, but did have an intestinal blockage. they planned a colonoscopy for thursday morning. her bladder had also shut down, they seemed to think clearing the blockage would allow the bladder to work again. mark and i came back home wednesday evening, and he went back thursday morning. when he got there thursday and they were waiting to do the colonoscopy, her heart starting registering all kinds of crazy arithmias, going form 59 to 200! they put off the colonoscopy and called in a cardiologist. it was later determined that her heart was just fine, it was a problem with their equipment!!!! rescheduled the colonoscopy for friday morning.
mark returned to jackson friday morning. they found that she has diverticulitis and prescribed her meds for that. she will be returning to linden saturday.
her bladder was still not working on its own at this point, they said that sometimes they just shut down.
she is no longer feeding herself, she sleeps most of the time, barely talking and when she does it is so low you have to get right over her to hear her.
i hope that the antiotics and meds will fight off all the infection and allow her to regain her strength.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

morning update

as of 9am wednesday morning these are the latest updates:
evelyn is unable to urinate on her own. this just started once arriving in jackson. we are awaiting a catheter. her bladder is full, and she says she needs to pee, she tries to and it hurts.
according to CTscan taken in jackson last night there is no free air in her abdomean, but she does have a fecal impaction. she is on clear liquid diet and awaiting enimas and laxatives and will have colonoscopy tomorrow.
we dont have any answers or numbers yet as far as her white blood cell count being high or a cause for it other than bacterial infection per linden hospital.
we dont have any numbers or answers yet as to why her h&h levels are dropping to show loss of blood.
up until the 17th she was urinating 9x in each 24hr period. urinated 2x on the 19th. on the 17th she had diarreha 9x. she had a small stoll on the 18th. yesterday (the 19th) she was given milk of mag wiht noo effect and a rectal exam no stoll was felt but only liquid on gloves. the CT scan last night looked as though the impaction was low, which means it has moved some on its own.
current meds are adavan .25mg x 1; ariceft 5mg x 1; cymbalta 30mg x 1.
she says she isnt really in any pain other than the bladder issues, but she just doesnt feel good at all. doesnt feel good all over. she doesnt show signs of distress or pain when being examined. she knows where she is, what the date is, etc.
we have only spoken with one doc (the poop doc). we are currently waiting to speak with the gi doc and anyone else.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

about to go to the hospital

we are awaiting a call from the hospital in linden.
marks mom was scheduled to come to the nursing home in savannah monday. but as the doc chatted with her monday, he felt the meds were not doing all they needed and changed them again for a 5th time (i think 5 is correct). that meant she would be staying another few days.
then today they learned that she has air leaking in her abdomen. they arent sure if it is coming from her intestines or her lungs. she has also had blood in her stool for a few days and her white blood cell count is elevated. we are just waiting to find out if she is going to jackson or vanderbilt to head out. the kids are staying with a friend tonight. we are all packed and waiting.
i am not medically intelligent about issues i havent had experience with, and this is one of those! i am not sure what will happen next.

busy busy busy

we paid the deposit and got the key to rent a home in town.
it is 3bd 2bath 1600 sq ft brick hardwood. nice and roomy with tons of closets. we are so very excited. we are currently taking down wallpaper and preparing to paint. we are thankful to friends that have already been helping and thankful in advance to the ones that will hopefully help us as time moves along.
our landlord has been great so far, allowing us to paint and pick our own colors, working along side us alot of the time.
we need to be in a bigger home, we are on top of each other right now. and being in town will save us tons. we are so excited and looking forward to getting settled.

Monday, August 18, 2008

gluten free meeting update

i had my second attempt at starting a celiac disease support group tonight, and it went very well.
in attendance was a presenter from the hospital, the county wide nutritional director for the school system, the nurse from lacee's elem school, my mom, lacee, 2 other people with celiac, and a new and dear friend of mine (there for moral support for me as well as education for herself).
i feel everyone learned alot and went away feeling more knowlegeable than we were when we arrived.
my most exciting new piece of knowledge is that there is a pizza parlor in franklin tennessee (2 hrs away) that serves gluten free pizza!!!!!! lacee has not had pizza in 2 months. her doctor at vandy also has an office in franklin. this is the website for this restaurant:

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

you are invited

I sent this invite out to all the principals of all the county schools, as well as to the county wide food service nutritional lady, inviting all faculty and staff.
I am hoping to raise awareness of this underdiagnosed diease as well as form support for those of us dealing with this.

I would like to personally invite you to attend a meeting on Monday, August 18 at 6pm at the Hardin County Library. This meeting is a Celiac Disease Support Group Meeting.
My child, Lacee Wilson, a 5th grade student at North Elementary, has been recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease. This requires that she must not consume any gluten. Gluten is found in wheat, barley and rye. Wheat is also used in a lot of non-food products like play dough, paint, crayons. etc. that are used in classrooms, as well as personal care products like soap and makeup. Celiac is a life-long diagnosis that can lead to serious complications including cancer if she is not properly avoiding gluten.
Mrs. Patty Stricklin from Hardin Medical Center will be speaking, as well as myself. This will be a very informative meeting that will prove very valuable to you.
I certainly hope you will mark your calendar and make plans to attend.
For more information on Celiac Disease, please visit,, and

Monday, August 11, 2008

no mommy no mommy

for the second sunday in a row, i have taken mark anthony out of church due to his inability to (ok, not inability..his choosing not to) be quiet.
he has found a new best friend at church. mark anthony and cruz share a love of thomas the train. during church they spread their 100's (ok maybe not 100's) of trains out in the floor and the pew between the two sets of parents.
cruz is 5, mark anthony is 3. he really looks up to cruz.
but he forgets to be quiet. and i remind him. and i remind him. and i remind him. and i remind him. and i threaten. then i follow thru.
it is time for communion. first the wafers. "mommy i want a bite. please mommy please"
then it is time for the cups. "please mommy i thirsty"
well i have tried a new trick. bringing him something to drink to keep his mind off the communion cups. it has worked the past few weeks.
well not yesterday.
so, i thought i was smart. i poured his drink in my empty cup and offered it to him. he errupts in a loud sobbing cry.
what else can i do? i take him out, and fast.
but, of course, it is super super quiet as everyone is taking communion, reading their bible and praying. (i suspect they are giving thanks that they are not ME at this point).
does he simply go out of service crying? no.....
he says at least 5 times loudly before i can get out the door..."i dont wanna spankin mommy, please dont spank me mommy, i dont wanna spankin mommy..."
at least everyone knows my children and i were in church, no "we missed you" cards will be in my mailbox this week.


i am on emotional and stress overload.
i said before i want to keep this blog positive, and i do. but there still comes a time when we all must unload.
i am at that point right now.
we were supposed to be moving this week. moving to town. and not just to any old house, but to my dream home. not my dream home because of the location or the floor plan or the size or any number of reasons one would call a home a dream home. this is my dream home because it is the house my grandparents built. the house i spent alot of my childhood in. the house that was sold when my dad, grandma, and uncle died. sold without my consent. for 10 yrs i have wanted this house. for 2 months we have been in agreement with the current owners. then out of the blue last week they did a complete 180 and the deal fell through. we are heartbroken.
marks mom is progressively getting worse and worse. and though she and i have never had the kushy relationship i would have liked, it still hurts me to see her in her current state. it hurts me more to see mark hurting as he becomes the parent and she becomes the child. it hurts me because she is my childrens grandmother. the only link to marks side of the family other than him.
gas prices are killing us. our finances have never been great, but this summer they have become increasinly worse. now that school is upon us and a minimum of 2 trips to town at the tune of $10 a day, its hitting really hard. then you factor in the rising cost of food and the rising appetites of growing children. and add in gluten free food for lacee. i bought a bag of bread mix to make her some bread. she hasnt had bread in almost 2 months and nearly cried the other day for bread. well, i didnt know i needed an egg separater. today as i was about to open the bag, i see that requirement. i call mark to ask him to bring one home. he cant, he had already given me our last $10 to put gas in the van. i reduced to tears.
i texted lacee's biological dad.--please tell me the child support check is in the mail. he is..why? i tell him lacee needs gluten free food, she hasnt had bread in 2 months and nearly cried for a sandwich the other day. his response was to let her have one every once in a while. my response was no i wont risk it. now, i know he loves lacee and he means well. but he hasnt studied celiac disease like i have, or he would never suggest such. i am not risking her intestines being eaten away, her skin breaking out with depetitis hermititis, constant diarreha, and cancer. she will not cheat on my watch. i realize when she is away from me there isnt much i can do. but i will educate her and pray she makes the right decisions. this is what we have to do as parents, educate them and pray. pray that they become christians. pray that they choose friends wisely. the list goes on.
i called my mom.--do you have an egg separater? no. why? i tell her the story.
i had planned on doing in home childcare in the new home. perfect size, perfect location. out goes that option for income for now. i do have 1 part time child, and a few drop ins here and there.
i passed up sending in resumes to a few nice looking jobs lately as i had my plan to provide childcare. i also didnt get a job i really wanted either.
yes, i know in the grand scheme of things my issues arent terrible. they could be alot worse. i am grateful mark and i have each other. i am grateful we have our kids. i am grateful for so many things. i am just going through a rough time. our whole family is. i know God has a great plan for us, a better road ahead. but while i am waiting to see the road sign He is sending me, can you offer up a prayer?

Friday, August 8, 2008

marks mom

marks mom is in the hospital, she has been there for a week and a half now.
they are having small success helping her, but they are not there yet. she has been diagnosed with alzhiemers and demensia. she is not near as scared as she was before she went into the hospital, but she is still a little scared. that is a blessing.
she is, however, more confused than before. we went to see her last sunday. she told us she had been to a big party the night before, then to church that morning. she went out to eat after church and saw her neighbors that live by her in pickwick. it was very hard for mark to see her so confused. he is used to her cutting up and laughing, telling jokes and being silly. he is having a hard time adjusting to her being more quiet and calm and confused. i am trying to help him remember confused is better than scared all the time.
the night before we went to see her, lacee and i stayed up late making her a picture board. her face lit up so much when we gave it to her. more than with any christmas or birthday present i have ever seen her face light up. lacee wasnt able to be with us for this visit, as she had gone to nashville with her friend anna.
mark has been back up there to see her once more so far. the trip is almost an hour, and with our work schedules and the visitation schedule at the hospital it isnt easy to find times to visit. he has spoken with her every day, except one where she fell asleep before he called.
the doctor told mark the other day that she is worse than they had first thought and she will be there longer than they had first hoped, and that once she leaves there the best and most reasonable option for her is a nursing home.
this news was very hard for mark to hear, even though he knew it was true. this is a situation that i have not been in completely. i was 18-19 when my grandmother had to go to the nursing home. she did get the confusion, and only one time did not know me. that one time was enough! i certainly hope that mark never has to experience his mom not knowing him, it is a hard hard thing.
he has made a decision as to which home for her to live in. i hate that he is having to do this. i wish i knew how to help him. i listen to him when he will talk about it and urge him not to hold it in let it build up. i offer to help with the paperwork and other tedious tasks. most importanly, i pray for him. and i pray for her. and i pray for us and our family during this stressful time.

first sleepover attempt

mark anthony's friend jaden had his mom call the other night, wanting mark anthony to come spend the night. jaden and his older sister were both having a friend over. mark anthony was so excited. i dropped him off at 6pm. they played inside, played outside, they cooked hotdogs, even roasted marshmallows. the plan was to camp outside in their backyard in tents. unfortunately, it was too hot. at 10:30, i got a call to come get mark anthony, he had decided he needed to sleep at his house.
kristi, jadens mom, said he was very well behaved and had a blast while he was there. she thinks if they had not tried to camp out he might not have wanted to come home.
i was hoping for him he would stay all night, how fun! but, he did great, and they will definately try it again.

back to school

well lacee started back to school yesterday. it is so early, back to school on august 7. luckily, lacee loves school. she was excited to go back and see her friends. she is in 5th hard for me to believe!!
i could kick myself, as i forgot to take pics on day 1 AND i forgot again today, day 2.
she says she loves her new classes, her new teachers.
i am excited to see what this new school year brings for her.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


i learned the coolest thing the other day!
if you need a phone number, and dont have a phone book around, or dont have a phone book for the city you need the number in, or just dont like to use a phone book... this is the coolest trick.
and, its FREE!
there's not much left in this world that is free anymore.
use your cellphone, and text a message to 46455 (googl) (its google without the e)
such as:
red lobster
florence al
mark mitchell
savannah tn
or even
savannah tn
you get the idea..........
then you get a text (or texts if its several choices) back with the name and the phone number.
isnt that the greatest??
i love it!
thanks to sarah m for teaching this old dog a new trick!!!!