Friday, April 26, 2013

A good mom?

I am sharing the post of one of my dear friends, a lady I am blessed to know and call my friend.  Life keeps us super busy, we rarely see each other, but we know we can call on each other at any time with a need or a question, and the other would be there without a doubt.
I have told her she is my "mommy mentor".  If I have a question about being a mom, how to handle situations with my children, she is my first call.  When I am at a loss, I call on her. So for that reason, I am sharing her post titled simply  A good mom?


My favorite, or maybe the thought most ignored in today's world, from her post is this:

4. A mother is truthful, a mother takes ownership and a mother understands the gravity of her job.

*** I do not fill my children's head with untruths. I don't make promises I cannot keep. I don't ignore the responsibilities of my children (the washing, cleaning, feeding....but more than that.... homework, school snacks, parent teacher conferences, PTA meetings, fall harvest festivals....the things that matter emotionally and educational to my child). When I mess up....I admit it. I tell my children I'm sorry. I do not lie. And I understand that in this life reality is always kinder than fantasy.......I have to be real. But I also have to temper that reality with the understanding that I am the parent. If the utility bill is too high....MY responsibility. I am the mother and the responsibility is mine. Truancy issues? My responsibility. Sick children? My responsibility. A child is not at fault or responsible for a parents behavior.
I am a mother and my choices and behavior and words are all mine!!!!
That choices and behavior and words should never embarrass my God, my family and especially my children!! I see it on facebook. I see it on instagram, I see it on Twitter....people who behave in ways that bring embarrassment (or should!). Just because my behavior is all mine does not make me the only person who is affected.
You choose to steal and go to jail? Your responsibility but your children live with your shame.
Just because it's yours does not make it okay.

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Amanda said...

Love you Gretchen! Us moms gotta stick together:)