Monday, April 29, 2013

Giving up?

Do you ever feel like giving up? Quitting when the going gets tough? Throwing in the towel because the preparations for the goal are boring, repetative, not exciting enough?
Of course you have.  If not, you are either super human or haven't tried many things at all.
I have children that want to give up.  I refuse to let them. That makes me the meanest mommy ever at times, or the mom that doesnt listen and try to understand just how hard life can be.  I'm also the meanest mommy ever when I dont give in to every toy, every friend they think they want, or the "i'm too tired to clean my room, take out the trash, feed the dog" protest that happens daily.
I'm ok with that.  It's not easy, I do have to ask for help/support from Godly friends, and I have to pray alot.
What could happen if I gave up, took the easy way out, gave my kids every fleeting desire of their heart because it is easier than telling them no and having to deal with their protest? They would become adults unable to function in the real world because the real world doesn't cater to anybody! I would be setting them up for a life way harder than it has to be, and that would make me a pretty crappy mother.
God doesn't call us to be quitters either.  He doesn't like for us to give up. 
What if Jesus had given up? Chicken-out from hanging on that cross? Oh, how easy would it have been for him to call out to his Father God and say "the pain is too great, my fear too strong, I give up, I quit."  Where would that leave us today? Living in this insane world with no hope of Heaven, thats what would  happen.
Its hard for me to see my children unhappy, hard for me to not be a "yes mom" and always give them their latest wishes.  Imagine how hard it was for God to see his only son suffering for our sins upon that cross!! But He knew the outcome, He knew the victory would be His, the sacrifice worth the pain! Surely I can stand tough and keep the end in mind when parenting my children through their hard times as well.  And when I can't, when I struggle and need support, reassurance, guidance, I  have my God to turn to.  I have the people here on earth He has placed in my life to help me.  For that, I am so greatful.

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